Ptakha- the Netherlands based Ukrainian electro folk artists.

Earlier known as Kate Orange.

 Kateryna Sikoza a real name is singer, songwriter and producer of the Ptakha project.

“I was always mesmerised by Ukrainian folk music, but many years was postponing to work with it saying to myself excuses such as, who needs this, who will listen to it in Europe, but this year I decided enough is enough and I started to release song by song everything what’s was written for many years”. 

 A first single Ivana Kupala released in 2020. 2 years before the full scale war of Russia against of Ukraine begin. 

This is a song about wonderful festivity in Ukraine during a midsummer - Ivana Kupala. This song met many great feedbacks and wowed Kateryna’s audience as far as a folk music did not sounded so fresh groovy and without stereotypical instruments sets. 

 “Verbovaya Doschechka” released at the following year already with Kateryna’s hard intention to push out such type of music into the European stage, no matter what. 

This song is about woman who waits for her partner from a long trip possibly from war. The vibe of the song is pretty dancing and seems like happy but the story has a new meaning in the present reality for almost every woman in Ukraine. 

 Most of them are waiting their partners and many of them will not meet them ever again. 


Ptakha earlier known as Kate Orange. 

Kate Orange began her work in Ukraine in 2006 as singer, MC and DJ.

She was a first commercial female DJ in Ukraine. 

In 2009 Kateryna moves to the Netherlands where works as DJ for 3 more years and releases songs like “Kiss my lips”, Stereo Radio, “whisper my name”. 

 Kiss my lips is picked up by many small commercials and used in the movie Gutshot Straight 2014. Before the era of TikTok and wide Instagram reels usage, we can say that Kiss my lips used in may commercials such promos of fashion shows or sport club, thanks to it's playful and energetic vibe.

 “Stereo Radio” released in 2012 and this song was supported by David Guetta during the prime time program at the Spanish mainstream TV show El-Hermiguero. Overnight a song became famous and Kate Orange became a guest of one of the biggest parties in the Netherlands such House religion where she shared the stage with Billy the Klit. 

"Love and respect" where stage was shared with Ummet Ozkan, Miss Melody,  Ernesto v/s Bastian and many more.


2015 was under the “Whisper my name” a song which was dedicated to kids with Down syndrome. Kateryna recorded this song and released a video about kids with DS to show that these kids are capable of many things and can grow  up into successful adults and there is a huge stigma in society which should be dismissed. 


In 2016 in Dutch citizens had the referendum about association of Ukraine with the treaty agreement with European Union. And Kate Orange took a part of the promotional campaign which was aiming to form a good image of Ukraine. Until that time still people in the Netherlands we’re telling something like: “where are you from, from Ukraine, ahh this is part of Russia”. It’s was an aim to change that opinion, to show that this is a separate country with its huge and rich history, creative people and true golden cultural heritage. Kateryna did her own promo campaign, and recorded 5 songs one of it was a folk lullaby Oi khodyt son, and that you can count as first step on the way to Ptakha. Other songs such “VESNA”, “sand” were translated also to Dutch that people in the Netherlands could understand what is this about. 


In 2017 Kate released her single “Out” and a whole album of English speaking songs and experimented a lot with the sound trying to mix electronic and rock guitars. 

 The album wasn’t very wide known but it was a great growing/experimenting experience, a way to find yourself. 

 With these music Kateryna have planned an European tour and…. Cancelled as far as she found out that she is expecting a first very much awaiting child. 


 From 2017 to 2020 there is a period of making kids, tears and producing songs without understanding what to do, where to release, because everything what was written, was Ukrainian Kolyadkas or lullabies what Kateryna has sung to her small kids. 

Eventually she dropped down all doubts and released first song Ivana Kupala, which was mentioned earlier. 


 Currently there is 16 songs scheduled to release during 2023-2024. And new songs are written and waiting to be released. 


Social Life and impact


Kateryna personally also is a social active person. At the 3rd day of the war she did a website as an info platform for refugees from Ukraine who were coming to the Netherlands and did not have any information about country it’s mentality, work/living specifics and rules. And opened a crisis centrum. 

Before the Dutch government figured out shelters Kateryna with her volunteers was helping to find a place to live for Ukrainians and helped to collect and deliver emergency boxes with food, clothing, huge local

Items as people literally were coming naked in slippers. 

Later her Dakh - cultural hub came back to the main activities such educative Instagram, educative events, creating Ukrainian singing classes and pursuing Ukrainian music and culture in to the Dutch society. 

On board of the hub Ukrainian pop choir - Svitlo - formed in Rotterdam from women refugees. 

Expats pop choir for kids and adults where different people of different nations freely feel themselves at the same space and time and express their feelings via singing. Kateryna develops these projects and works as conductor and vocal coach.


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